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struct  StackFrame

Public Member Functions

virtual bool handle_event (const SDL_Event &event)
template<class T >
void register_listener (const xstring &name, const xstring &event, T *obj, void(T::*m)(const xstring &))
void register_listener (const xstring &name, const xstring &event, GenericCaller *caller)
void raise_event (const xstring &name, const xstring &event_type, const xstring &details="")
void dispatch_events ()
Controlfind (const xstring &name)
Controlget_focus ()
Containerget_screen_container ()
void log (const xstring &line)
void load (const xstring &xml, ResourceFile *rf=0)
void load (xml_element *root)
void draw ()
void push ()
void pop ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GUIinstance ()


class std::auto_ptr< GUI >

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SDLPP::GUI::handle_event ( const SDL_Event &   )  [inline, virtual]

Handle the incoming event. Return true if event was handled and should not be passed to other handlers

Implements SDLPP::EventListener.

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