SDLPP::Control Class Reference

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SDLPP::Button SDLPP::Container SDLPP::SpriteControl SDLPP::Text SDLPP::TextBox SDLPP::TextList SDLPP::Checkbox

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Public Member Functions

virtual void set_details (xml_element *details)
virtual xml_elementget_details ()
virtual void enable (bool state=true)
virtual void disable ()
virtual bool enabled ()
virtual void invalidate ()
virtual void validate ()
virtual bool valid () const
virtual void set_name (const xstring &name)
virtual const xstringget_name () const
virtual void set_rect (const iRect2 &r)
virtual const iRect2get_rect () const
virtual Controlget_parent ()
virtual const Controlget_parent () const
virtual void draw (Bitmap &target=GraphicsManager::instance()->get_screen(), const iVec2 &offset=iVec2(0, 0))
virtual void on_mouse_down (int button, const iVec2 &pos)
virtual void on_mouse_up (int button, const iVec2 &pos)
virtual void on_mouse_move (const iVec2 &pos)
virtual void on_mouse_enter (const iVec2 &pos)
virtual void on_mouse_leave (const iVec2 &pos)
virtual void on_char (Uint16 ch)
virtual void notify (Control *source, const xstring &message)
virtual Controlfind_leaf (const iVec2 &pos)
virtual Controlfind (const xstring &name)

Protected Member Functions

 Control (const Control &)
Controloperator= (const Control &)

Protected Attributes

xstring m_Name
iRect2 m_Rect
bool m_Enabled
bool m_Valid


class Container

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