basic_xstring< E, T, A > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

 basic_xstring (const value_type *ptr, size_type n, const allocator_type &al=allocator_type())
 basic_xstring (const value_type *ptr, const allocator_type &al=allocator_type())
 basic_xstring (const basic_xstring &s, size_type off=0, size_type n=npos, const allocator_type &al=allocator_type())
 basic_xstring (size_type n, value_type c, const allocator_type &al=allocator_type())
 basic_xstring (const allocator_type &al=allocator_type())
 basic_xstring (const parent &p)
template<class U >
 basic_xstring (const U &u)
 operator const value_type * ()
int as_int () const
double as_double () const
void trim_left ()
void trim_right ()
void trim ()
bool read_line (std::istream &is)

template<class E, class T = std::char_traits<E>, class A = std::allocator<E>>
class basic_xstring< E, T, A >

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