SDLPP::Rect2< T > Class Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef Rect2< T > self
typedef Vec2< T > point

Public Member Functions

 Rect2 (const point &topleft, const point &bottomright)
 Rect2 (const T x0, const T y0, const T x1, const T y1)
get_width () const
get_height () const
point get_size () const
selfoperator+= (const point &v)
selfoperator-= (const point &v)
selfexpand (const point &v)
selfnormalize ()
selfoperator*= (const self &)
bool inside (const point &v) const
bool is_null () const
bool is_valid () const
bool contains (int x, int y) const
bool contains (const point &pos) const
selfunite (const Vec2< int > &p)
selfunite (const self &r)
selfintersect (const self &r)
bool overlapping (const self &r) const
self overlap (const self &r) const

Public Attributes

point tl
point br

template<class T>
class SDLPP::Rect2< T >

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