SDLPP::ResourceFile Class Reference

#include <sdlpp_io.h>

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struct  Resource

Public Types

typedef rsc_map::const_iterator base_iterator
typedef pair_first< xstring,
Resource > 
< pf_sr, base_iterator > 

Public Member Functions

 ResourceFile (const char *filename)
std::istream * get (const xstring &resource_name)
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const

Detailed Description

A Resource File is an aggregate of several files into one. Use an instance of the ResourceFileWriter class to create such a file from a set of data files.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SDLPP::ResourceFile::ResourceFile ( const char *  filename  ) 

Open a resource file for reading. Resources are indexed for later lookup. If there is more than one resource with the same name, the last one in the file will be used. Passing a NULL value in the filename will use resources from the file system directly.

Member Function Documentation

std::istream * SDLPP::ResourceFile::get ( const xstring resource_name  ) 

Returns a dynamically allocated stream to read the resource requested. Caller must delete the stream when done.

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