SDLPP::RigidBody2D Class Reference

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SDLPP::GameObject SDLPP::AnimatedSprite

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Public Member Functions

 RigidBody2D (double mass=0)
virtual void interact (RigidBody2D *o, int dt)
virtual iRect2 get_rect () const =0
virtual bool is_collidable () const
virtual CollisionModel2Dget_col_model ()=0
virtual xstring get_flag (const xstring &flag)=0
virtual const xstringget (const xstring &property) const =0
virtual void handle_collision (RigidBody2D *o)
virtual bool advance (int dt)
double get_mass () const
void set_mass (double m)
iVec2 get_position () const
const dVec2get_velocity () const
const dVec2get_acceleration () const
void offset_position (const dVec2 &dp)
void set_position (const iVec2 &p)
void set_velocity (const dVec2 &v)
void set_velocity (const dVec2 &direction, double speed)
void set_acceleration (const dVec2 &a)
void set_acceleration (const dVec2 &direction, double magnitude)
void set_name (const xstring &name)
const xstringget_name () const

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SDLPP::RigidBody2D::advance ( int  dt  )  [inline, virtual]

Logically change the object state to reflect the passage of dt milliseconds No drawing is done at this stage. Returns false to indicate object is to be removed.

Implements SDLPP::GameObject.

Reimplemented in SDLPP::AnimatedSprite.

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