SDLPP::Sprite Class Reference

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class  Frame
struct  Sequence

Public Member Functions

 Sprite (const Sprite &rhs)
Spriteoperator= (const Sprite &rhs)
int get_sequences_count () const
xstring get_sequence_name (int seq) const
int add_animation_sequence (const xstring &name, double base_velocity)
int add_animation_frame (int seq, Bitmap bmp, int duration)
void clear ()
void set_flag (const xstring &flag, const xstring &value)
const xstringget_flag (const xstring &flag) const
int advance_sequence (int seq, int &last_t, int dt, const dVec2 &velocity)
Bitmap get_bitmap (int seq, int frame)
CollisionModel2Dget_col_model (int seq, int frame)

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