SDLPP::Application Class Reference

#include <sdlpp.h>

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Public Member Functions

void init_audio (int freq, bool stereo)
void init_graphics (int width, int height, bool full_screen)
void flip_graphics ()

Detailed Description

Main application class. Create and hold one object for the entire program run time. Use the various init functions after construction to notify the system as to what subsystems will be used and at what setting.

Member Function Documentation

void SDLPP::Application::flip_graphics (  ) 

Flips the graphics back buffer to the front. Used in animation and any other smooth graphics movement.

void SDLPP::Application::init_audio ( int  freq,
bool  stereo 

Initialize the audio subsystem. Specify sampling frequency in freq Specify whether you need mono or stereo audio.

void SDLPP::Application::init_graphics ( int  width,
int  height,
bool  full_screen 

Initialize the graphics subsystem. Specify the size of the graphics screen and whether it should run in a window or on the entire screen.

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